A role-playing game for 2+ people, for true crime fans.
Made for my friend Beth, of #Beth-And-Angel-Make-Games. A game for 1+ players.
A solo letter-writing game made for #DeadLettersJam based on the original ghostbox game by Marx of High Water.
A solo card game about ninjas and assassinations. Made for #SoloGameChef2022.
An Adventure Spark made for #coinsides game jam.
A card game/board game race to be the first team to find and retrieve a treasure chest! For 4 players.
A friendly companionable bookmark, ready to listen to the stories you read. #BMGJ
A bookmark with lots of ideas to engage further with the story in an imaginative and practical way. #BMGJ
A game all about chaos for #evilforgood game jam. For 1+ players.
Like Rock, Paper, Scissors - but slightly more advanced. For two players.
The theme was requested by my sister for my nieces and nephew. So I had to oblige. :)
A simple one-page solo map drawing game of a fictional night sky. Made for Minimalist TTRPG game jam.
A non-digital party game about sugar-loaded coffee! Made for #coffeejam2022 game jam.