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I enjoyed the bookmark game jam challenge so much, I decided to put together a second entry! 

Again, I am straying away from games for a moment to let the stories themselves be the catalyst for imagination. But that being said, most every good video game has a sidekick or companion or pet, does it not? In this case, I reimagined that concept as the ever-present bookmark - the Amiable Bookmark Companion (the A.B.C.).

I have previously been involved in Reading Corps and Lindamood-Bell literacy tutoring, and know that sometimes, despite all the strategies and learning aids and styles out there, just having someone non-judgmental to listen to you and appreciate the sound of your voice is what helps kids take to reading the most. This bookmark was inspired by all the reading therapy animals out there. But not everyone is so lucky to have a pet or a reading therapy animal. Now you can have the A.B.C. with you instead.

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Oh my goodness, I love this! It's so cute and encouraging and it genuinely feels like having a companion from reading it :D I'd love to tell ABC about what I'm reading 😊 

- ✨Beth


haha, thank you! I never release a product, free or paid, unless it makes me smile and is something I would personally use myself, so yes - I may read to the A.B.C. too! ;)

I'm so glad to hear that, because the A.B.C. is too dang adorable to ignore :D